Project Supervision

I often supervise dissertations and summer projects; it's one of my favourite parts of the job! 🙂

If you're a student looking for a project, the section below contains the most current information on the topics that I offer. If you have any specific questions about the projects (e.g. "How much programming experience do I need?"), you are welcome to contact me.

How do I email a lecturer?

Summer Projects 2023


There are several sources of funding available for summer projects. If we decide to do a summer project together, I will encourage you to apply and will support your applications. Some of the bursaries are:

Beware: funding deadlines are early! If you indend to apply to a summer project, please get in touch with plenty of time. I can consider applications later in the year, but it's very unlikely that we will find you any funding.

If you're not a student in Oxford

I supervised a project in the summer of 2022 through the UNIQ+ programme, and I am likely to propose another one in 2023. I encourage you to visit the programme's page; the application deadline will be mid-February 2023.

Part C/OMMS Dissertations — Academic year 2022/23

In the upcoming academic year I will supervise the following dissertation topics:

More information about the dissertations can be found in the Mathematical Institute website. Among other things, there is a list of past dissertation projects; the list of titles is public, but the project descriptions require an Oxford University login. The description of all the projects available for 2022/23 will be also published there just before the start of Michaelmas Term.

If you're interested in one of these topics

There is no need to apply directly to me; you will be asked to submit your preferences by the end of Week 3 Michaelmas Term.